Top Newbie

Mr. Pig
L.A. The First Night
Plays Pure Blues
Montreux 1970
Echoes in the Gardens
La Villa Strangiato
Star Spangled Blues
Shriver Hall w/ M. Manring
Paris Theatre 5/24/73
Live in Detroit
Alternate Revolver

Top Zep "Grails"

Any Zeppelin show from fall 1968
The first Zeppelin show in the U.S.
The Boston Tea Party marathon
Seattle Pop Festival 1969
The rest of Dorton Arena 1970
Any 1971 soundboard material
9/14/71 from original reels
More Bombay 1972 material
The rest of Long Beach '72 sbd
The rest of Mobile '73 sbd
Detroit 7/12/73 soundboard
Seattle 3/21/75 soundboard
Cleveland 4/28/77 soundboard
Any LA 1977 soundboard


Right now I'm only interested in material from artists already on my list (in most cases) that comes from the following sources:

  • Releases from reputable labels such as
    Tarantura, Empress Valley, Harvested, etc.
  • Known, low-generation recordings (3rd generation or lower)
  • Recordings of most any widely-known act made in
    North Carolina

Of course, I'd like to hear about any sources you have that are newly discovered, previously hoarded, or otherwise of interest.

I'm looking for specific sources as listed below.  I'll continue to add to this page as I run across interesting titles on other lists.  If you can help me with any of these titles, it's likely that I would do you a special favor as a way of saying thanks.

Michael Hedges

Absolutely anything.

Led Zeppelin

3/22/69 & 6/20/69 "Blighty" Birmingham/Newcastle (Tarantura)
8/31/69 "The Only Way To Fly" (Empress Valley)
3/9/70 "High Flyin'" Vienna (Electric Magic)
4/17/70 "Memphis Underground" (Magnificent)
8/31/71 "Florida Sunshine" Orlando (Empress Valley)
6/25/72 "Burn Like A Candle" Los Angeles (Empress Valley)
3/27/73 & 5/26/73 "Heavy Machinery/The Dirty Trick" Nancy/SLC (EV)
6/2/73  "Vibes Are Real" 2CD (Watchtower)
7/24/73 "
The Resurrection" Pittsburgh (Electric Magic)
7/28/73 "Paris '73 - 2nd Night" 2CD (Empress Valley)

5/24/75 "Final Earl's Court"  2DVD-R (Celebration)
3/17/75 Seattle 35 min (?gen>DAT>CDR; better than 3rd gen>DAT)
6/26/80  "Goodnight Vienna" 2CD (Electric Magic)

Any other low generation sources
Any Other DVD-Rs or VCDs, particularly "Early Visions" (Celebration)


Any shows from 1983 and before not on my list
Any 2002 shows in excellent quality

The Beatles

Artifacts Volume II (5 CDs)
Let it Be Rehearsals Volume 2
Ultra Rare Trax Volume 8
Anything not on my list that you think is essential

Van Halen

Any error-free David Lee Roth-era shows
The Unreleased
(one of the 4 discs, not sure which - email me for details)

Sigur Ros

Any low-generation, high-quality recordings.


Trading Only
Quick Rules

Always error-free sources
Always secure mode EAC
Always use quality media
Always burn in DAO
No MP3 sources
No writing on discs
No cases - use sleeves
Send in a bubble envelope

More details here

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Last Updated: February 03, 2003