Current Recommendations

Winterland 1968 shows
All three feature fine soundboard quality and good performances. 

Stockholm 1/9/69
Great sound, typically brilliant performance.

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky
Site of seemingly countless great shows, the LA Forum hosts another great concert as evidenced by this recording.


Jimi Hendrix

The Very Best--Various live September 1967-May 1969--CD--sbd--A/A-
Get the Experience! (Invasion Unlimited)--Are You Experienced outtakes--CD--sbd--A-
The Sotheby's Reels (Gold Standard)--Axis: Bold as Love outtakes--CD--sbd--A-
Electric Ladyland Outtakes (Invasion Unlimited)--CD--sbd--A-
Ball and Chain (Honeybed Records)--Studio outtakes--CD--sbd--A-
Diamonds in the Dust (Midnight Beat)--Studio outtakes 1968-1969--2CD--sbd--A-
Mixdown Master Tapes volumes 1-3 (DL)--Studio outtakes 1967-1970--3CD--sbd--A/A-
Jimi Plays Monterey--Soundtrack to "Monterey Pop"--6/18/67--CD--sbd--A+
Live in Paris (The Swingin' Pig)--Olympia Theater, Paris 1/29/68 (2nd show)--CD--sbd--A/A-
Live in Ottawa (Dagger)--Capitol Theater, Ottawa 3/19/68 2nd show--CD--sbd--A-
The Voodoo Sessions (VC)--Sessions for Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 5/3/68 and 5/2/68--CD--sbd--A-
First Rays of the New Rising Sun (Living Legend)--Outtakes and live 1965-1969--CD--aud--A-
Multicoloured Blues (Luna)--Outtakes and live 1968-1970--2CD--sbd/aud--A-
Electric Hendrix Volume 1 (Pyramid)--Outtakes 1968-1970--CD--sbd--A-
Electric Hendrix Volume 2 (Pyramid)--Outtakes 1996-1970--CD--sbd--A-
Early R&B & Scene Club 5/21/68 (with Jim Morrison & Edgar Winter)--2CD--A-
Winterland, San Francisco 10/10/68 (early show)--CD--2gen sbd--A/A-
Winterland, San Francisco 10/10/68 (late show)--CD--2gen sbd--A/A-
Star Spangled Blues--Winterland, San Francisco 10/11/68 + more--CD--sbd--A
Winterland, San Francisco 10/12/68 (early and late shows)--2CD--2gen sbd--A/A-
Konserthuset, Stockholm 1/9/69 (early and late shows)--2CD--sbd--A
On the Killing Floor (Swinging Pig)--Konserthuset, Stockholm 1/9/69 (early and late shows)--2CD--sbd--A
The Last Experience--Royal Albert Hall, London 2/24/69 (soundtrack to "Experience")--CD--sbd--A
The Spectrum, Philadelphia 4/12/69--CD--1gen aud--B+
Hendrix, Busted In Toronto!--Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 5/3/69--CD--aud--A-/B+
6 Strings in San Diego--Sports Arena, San Diego 5/24/69 + Purple Haze alt mix--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Woodstock Rehearsals 1969 (Midnight Beat)--Jimi's house, Shokan, NY 8/10 and 14/69--CD--sbd--A-
Band of Gypsies Volume 3--10/69-12/69 rehearsals and live--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Box of Gypsies--Fillmore East 12/31/69 and 1/1/70 early and late shows--6CD--sbd/aud--A-
Spicy Essence Apartment Jam 70/Drake Hotel 4/17/68--Jimi's house, Shokan, NY fall 1969--CD--sbd--A-
'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky--LA Forum 4/25/70--CD--aud--A/A-
Live at the Forum 1970 (Whoopy Cat)--LA Forum 4/25/70 + MSG 1/28/70 + Aarhus 9/2/70--2CD--aud--A-
Temple University Stadium, Philadelphia 5/16/70--CD--1gen aud--B+
Atlanta International Pop Festival, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA 7/4/70--CD--sbd--A/A-
Rainbow Bridge 2--Vibratory Color/Sound Experiment, Haleakala Crater, Maui, HI 7/30/70--2CD--sbd--A-
Isle of Wight Festival of Music 8/30/70--CD--sbd--A+
Stora Scenen, Liseberg, Gothenburg 9/1/70--2CD--1gen aud--B+
Copenhagen '70 (Whoopy Cat)--KB Hallen, Copenhagen 9/3/70--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Berlin Super Concert '70--Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 9/4/70--CD--aud--A-/B+
Love & Peace--Insel Fehmar, Germany 9/6/70 (last official show)--CD--aud--A-/B+


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