Current Recommendations

Arcata 1984 w/ Manring
Clearly relaxed and enjoying themselves, it shows in the performance.  A fairly good recording considering the apparently very small venue setting.

Tarrytown 1985
Stunningly good soundboard recording--only rivaled by Jacksonville '97, but this one probably has a better mix.  As a bonus, it's a great performance of pre-release "Watching My Life Go By" material and more.

Veneta 1990
Spirited festival show in fine soundboard quality, including many great performances.

Buffalo 10/21/91
This nicely warm soundboard is probably the one to have from this string of fine shows from the fall of 1991.

Jacksonville 2/16/97
This is often listed as 1996.  Astoundingly clear soundboard recording.  Ever wonder what it would be like to be Hedges' fretboard?  This might give you an idea.

Van Duzer Theater, Arcata
Very nice recording directly from the taper, captured very late in Michael's stage career.

Rock and Roll
Another fine recording made the day after the Van Duzer show by a different taper.  These two recordings make for a nice snapshot of where Hedges was shortly before his untimely passing.

Station to Station
Fantastic compilation of radio performances, along with interview material.  Insightful and poignant.

Royalties Not Included
Michael was a tremendous interpreter of all kinds of music, and this collection provides many great examples of that.

Santabear and Scargo
If you've got young children, these are a must.  Fine storytelling, and of course Michael's fantastic playing makes for great accompaniment.

Michael Hedges

Early Demos, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore 1978-1979--CD--sbd--A-/B+
Before His Time--Singer's Alley, Ellicott City, MD 3/20/81--2CD--CMC aud--A-
An Evening with Windham Hill--The Bottom Line, NYC 10/11/82 (Hedges on 4 cuts)--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN 2/5/83 (with Will Ackerman and George Winston)--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Arcata, California with Michael Manring 1/18/84--2CD--aud--A/A-
New Varsity Theater, Palo Alto, CA 1/21/84--2CD--aud--B+
Vanderbilt Underwood Auditorium, Nashville, TN 2/24/84--CD--sbd--A-
New Varsity Theater, Palo Alto, CA 3/3/84--2CD--aud--A-
Anger/Marshall/Hedges--Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA 3/25/84--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Old Time Cafe, Leucadia, California 4/18/84--2CD--3gen aud--A/A-
McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 11/10/84 soundcheck--CD--sbd--A/A-
McAlister Auditorium, Tulane U., New Orleans, LA 11/10/84 with Palms, Davis, CA 10/13/85--CD--aud--A-
Palms Playhouse, Davis, CA 12/4/84--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Singletary Center for the Arts, Lexington, KY 2/16/85--CD--sbd--A/A-
Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY 3/16/85--CD--sbd--A+/A
Doubletree Grand Ballroom, Tucson, AZ 3/30/85 + 1989 filler--CD–aud--A/A-
New Varsity Theater, Palo Alto, CA 4/?/85--CD--aud--A-
Morris Dailey Auditorium, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 9/30/85--CD--aud--A-
Colorado Springs, CO ??/??/85--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Chautauqua Theater, Boulder, CO with Bobby McFerrin ??/??86--CD--sbd--A/A-
Packard Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO 2/7/86--CD--aud--A-
Susquehanna Room, SUNY Binghamton, Vestal, New York 5/5/86--CD--sbd--A/A-
KSTM-FM Phoenix, AZ interview & "Silent Anticipations" live in studio 6/86--CD--sbd--A
Park West, Chicago 10/17/86--2CD--1gen aud--A-
5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, WA 2/21/87--CD--aud--A/A-
Virginia Beach Pavilion, Virginia Beach, VA 5/?/87--CD--aud--A-
The Vortex, Palo Alto, CA 6/9/87 (with band)--2CD--aud--A-
Video soundtrack--Mahaiwe Theater, Great Barrington, MA 8/1/87--2CD--sbd--A/A-
National Guitar Summer  Workshop--Canterbury School, New Milford, CT 8/4/87--3CD--aud--A-/B+
Bottom Line, New York City 8/27/87--2CD--sbd--A-
Teatro Tivoli, Bologna, Italy 9/28/87--CD--CMC aud--A/A-
Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ 1/30/88--CD--3gen aud--A/A-
Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ 2/13/88--CD--aud--A-/B+
Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA 3/6/88--CD--aud--A-
Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose, CA 4/15/88--CD--aud--A-
Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA 4/23/88--CD--aud--A-
Bottom Line, New York City 8/12/88--2CD--aud--A-
Bottom Line, New York City 8/13/88--CD--aud--A-
Montgomery County Fairgrounds Craft Fair, Gaithersburg, MD 10/5/88--CD--aud--A/A-
Berkshire Performing Arts Center, Lennox, MA 10/22/88--CD--aud--A-
Berkshire Performing Arts Center, Lennox, MA 10/22/88--2CD--aud--A/A-
Symphony Hall, Phoenix, AZ 2/9/89--2CD--CMC aud--B+
Harro's East, Rochester, NY 6/9/89--2CD--5gen aud--A-
WRTI broadcast, Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA 6/17/89--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Langford Auditorium, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 11/16/89--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Hungerthon--United Nations General Assembly Hall 11/18/89--CD--sbd--A/A-
Breaking Strings--Foellinger Auditorium, U. of Illinois-Urbana, Champaign, IL 1/28/90--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Foellinger Auditorium, University of Illinois-Urbana, Champaign, IL 1/28/90--2CD--1gen aud--A/A-
Yosemite, California 5/26/90--CD--aud--A-
Chautauqua Auditorium, Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO 6/14/90--CD--sbd--A/A-
Paul Masson Winery, Saratoga, CA 6/16/90--2CD--aud--A-
Old Renaissance Fairgrounds, Veneta, OR 7/23 or 9/13/90--CD--sbd--A/A-
Palo Alto, California 10/11/90--CD--aud--A-
Westport Playhouse, St. Louis, MO 10/26/90--2CD--1gen aud--A/A-
Convocation Hall, Toronto 11/1/90--CD--sbd--A-
Academy of Music, Northampton, MA 11/4/90--2CD--aud--A/A-
Town  Hall, New York City 11/9/90--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Live From the Bottom Line--New York City 12/13/90--CD--aud--A-
Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2/10/91--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, CA 5/24/91--2CD--3gen sbd--A/A-
Strand Theater, Redondo Beach, CA 6/91 (conjectural)--CD--aud--A-/B+
Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH 10/8/91--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Live at Bogart's (Mud Productions)--Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH 10/8/91, 4/30/93, 4/21/97--3CD--aud--A-
Bottom Line, New York City 10/16/91 (encores with Crosby and Nash)--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Harrisburg, PA 10/19/91--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Club Bene, South Amboy, NJ 10/20/91--2CD--aud--A-
Marquis at the Trough, Buffalo, NY 10/21/91--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Teatridithalia-Porta Romana, Milan, Italy 11/23/91--CD--CMC aud--A/A-
State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI 2/29/92--2CD--2gen aud--A/A-
Milo Bail Student Center, University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE 3/8/92--CD--aud--A-/B+
Filene Center, Wolftrap, Vienna, VA 6/2/92--CD--aud--A-/B+
Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, Tennessee 8/23/92--CD--aud--A-/B+
Brady Theater, Tulsa, Oklahoma 9/19/92--CD--sbd--A/A-
Langford Auditorium, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 10/8/92--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Bottom Line, New York City 10/15 or 16/92--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Pickard Theater, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 4/10/93--2CD--1gen aud--A-
The Pump House, Syracuse, NY 4/20/93--2CD--aud--A/A-
Fox Theater, Boulder, CO 9/22/93--2CD--aud--A/A-
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI 4/11/94--2CD--CMC--A-
527 Main Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 4/28/94--CD--aud--A-
Dallas, TX 10/14/94--CD--aud--A-/B+
Shriver Hall, Baltimore, MD with Michael Manring 10/29/94 (remastered)--2CD--sbd--A-
Horizontal Boogie Bar, Rochester, NY 11/11/94--2CD--aud--A-
Echoes Living Room Jam 1995--CD--sbd--A/A-
Louisville, Kentucky 3/21/95 with Michael Manring--2CD--aud--A/A-
Telluride, CO 6/18/95--CD--aud--A-/B+
Live in Enid--Mark Price Arena, Enid, Oklahoma 7/23/95--CD--aud--A-/B+
Garden Theatre, Villa Montolvo, Saratoga, California 9/22/95--2CD--aud--A-/B+
The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA 9/30/95--CD--aud--A-/B+
New Paltz, New York 10/3/95 (almost certainly 1985, not 1995)--CD--sbd--A/A-
Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY 10/13/95--2CD--aud--A-
Artist's Profile soundtrack, Lake Tahoe, NV 1/2/96 (?)--CD--sbd--A/A-
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI 4/12/96--2CD--CMC aud--A-
The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA 10/3/96--CD--aud--A-/B+
Billboard Live, West Hollywood, CA 10/6/96--CD--aud--A-/B+
Wild Duck, Eugene, OR 10/17/96--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado 10/25/96--CD--sbd--A
Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO 10/26/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Park West, Chicago 11/1/96--CD--aud--A/A-
The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan 11/3/96--2CD--aud--A-
The Odeon, Cleveland, OH 11/7/96--2CD--CMC aud--A-
The Bottom Line, New York City, NY 11/17/96--2CD--aud--A-
E-Town radio show--Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO 12/1/96 (w/ Leo Kottke set)--CD--sbd--A/A-
Beep Caffeine, Jacksonville, FL 2/16/97--CD--sbd--A/A-
Fort Worth, TX 4/27/97 + KRFH interview--CD--aud--A-/B+
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI 3/8/97--2CD--CMC aud--A-
High Sierra Music Festival, Bear Valley, California 7/6/97--CD--aud--A/A-
The Lighthouse Interview 9/97 + last answering machine message--CD--sbd--A-
John Van Duzer Theater, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 9/20/97--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Rock and Roll--Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 9/21/97--2CD--aud--A/A-
Billboard Live, West Hollywood, CA 9/24/97--CD--sbd--A
Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA 11/12/97 + MTV News +  New Cumberland, PA 11/5/93--2CD--aud--A-
An Evening at the Birchmere--The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA 11/21/97--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Station to Station--Echoes tribute (97), WERS (96), KSTM (86), WorldCafe--2CD--sbd--A
Santabear's First Christmas (told by Kelly McGillis)--CD--sbd--A
Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin (told by Geena Davis)--CD--sbd--A
Strings of Steel--Studio and live compilation--CD--sbd--A
Royalties Not Included--Various covers--2CD--sbd/aud--A-
Live on Planet 3 Volume 1--Various live 1995-1997--CD--aud/sbd--A/A-
Live on Planet 3 Volume 2--Various live 1985-1995--2CD--aud/sbd--A/A-
Live Sampler--Various live--CD--aud--A-
Video Collection Volumes 1 and 2--Various MPG video playable on PC--2CD--A-
Hedges on PBS--1982 radio promo, 1983 TV, Wolftrap 1986, 1997 phone message obituary--CD--sbd--A-


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