Top 5 Reasons
to Be a Good Trader

1.  Happy traders
2.  Happy listening
3.  More trades
4.  Better trades
5.  It's the right thing to do

Top 5 Reasons Trades Go Bad

1. Discs with errors
2. Discs with writing on them
3. Discs sent on bad media
4. Inadequate, sloppy packing
5. Tardy, unresponsive traders

Top 5 Reasons
to Use EAC

1. Error-free extraction
2. Happy traders
3. Widely accepted standard
4. It's free
5. It's easy

Top 5 Reasons
to Share the Music

1. Happy traders
2. More fans
3. Can you believe this?
4. Stereo needs a workout
5. Nothing new on the radio

Top 5 Reasons
to Avoid Disc Errors

1. Wasn't there originally
2. Unnecessary
3. Distracting and annoying
4. Slack, lame traders
5. Another tossed coaster

Top 5 Reasons Neighbors Think You're Whacked

1. How many CDs is that?
2. Do you hear crowd noise?
3. Let's hear the regular one
4. Mailman looks tired
5. You smile too much

Top 5 Blank Media Choices

1. Taiyo Yuden (Japan)
2. Fuji (Taiyo Yuden Japan)
3. HP (Taiyo Yuden Japan)
4. Mitsui (Japan)
5. Kodak Ultima



Remember the golden rule--do unto others and all that... :^)

Remember the platinum rule--use common sense. Need I say more? Well, some...

Any item on this list is available for TRADE ONLY on a 1:1 basis. I don't do this for any kind of profit (it's a significant loss if anything), nor do I do it for additional stress--as a father, I've got plenty already, thank you.

I do not accept or trade material sourced from MP3.  See the platinum rule.

If it's not on the original recording, it shouldn't be on your CD.  To help ensure that, see the item below.

Always use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) in secure mode to rip your CDs.  The EAC setup tutorial can be found here - use that to configure the offset for your hardware.  I will strive to send you good discs, but in the hopefully rare event that you detect an error on one of my source discs, I will gladly replace the entire affected set if applicable with an alternate selection.  In return, I will expect the same courtesy from you.

Ensure that your discs are free of track gaps/clicks/pops/diginoise, as I will ask for replacements if I receive discs exhibiting these flaws (see the previous point).  If you receive bad discs, discard them and ask for replacements.  There's no excuse for bad discs--EAC is free software.  Expect others to provide you 100% error-free discs that exhibit none of the problems listed above.  It's not difficult to do, and the effect is cumulative.  It all starts with you!  Listen to the discs you get.  Discard and replace bad discs.  Use EAC.

In the case of transfers from long-format sources such as DAT or analog cassette, please use appropriate software to split tracks so sector boundary errors, audible as clicks and pops, are not introduced at track index points.  I recommend CD Wave for this purpose.  Also, please don't cut songs off at the end of discs unless it's that way on the source and the rest of the track is missing. I'd rather have the song complete on the next disc. Use as much media as necessary to ensure that your recordings are as continuous and complete as possible.

Unlike during the days of tape trading, there are a number of good manufacturer choices for media, but please ensure your blanks say "made in Japan" on the label somewhere.  One of the following manufacturers of CDR media should work: Mitsui, Kodak, Taiyo Yuden, HP, 3M, Yamaha, Pioneer, or KAO.  Currently, I'm using Fuji (80s), made by Taiyo Yuden in Japan.  For more general information about CDR, try Andy McFadden's FAQ.

Include all information possible on the recordings you are sending within reason.  Serial numbers, etc. are excessive, but CD title and date/venue/city are requested at a minimum.  Setlists would be welcome in the case of artists for whom I don't have a lot of material.  I'm always happy  to receive artwork sent as email attachments, or links to sites where artwork may be downloaded.  I have a large artwork collection which I'm happy to share with you for items I send.  For a general artwork links page, try here.

Do what you can to verify places and dates. If you would like some help, please ask--I particularly enjoy the details, as IMHO they enhance the recordings. The unfortunate truth is that more often than not, if you have a source you've never seen before on anyone else's list, chances are high that it's a mislabeling and not what it purports to be (unless you made the recording yourself!) I have done a great deal of research into my recordings and feel fairly secure in saying that at least 95% of the date and venue information in this list is accurate.  If you have any questions or corrections, I welcome you to email me!

Send the CDs with no writing on them slipped into sleeves and packed in a bubble (not padded paper or "fiber") envelope. Unless you instruct me otherwise, I will send your CDs in individual paper sleeves with the source information clearly printed on a post-it note stuck on the outside of the sleeve. Be sure to use care in packaging to ensure media arrives intact. For detailed instructions on recommended methods of mailing CDs, as well as information on how to arrange blanks and postage ("B+P") trades, try here.

I have hundreds of hours of analog tapes that I've removed from this list because of the very low number of active traders interested in analog tapes these days.  I can do cassette-to-CD transfers with very high-end equipment, and have done many transfers of master cassettes sent to me and returned with CDR copies.  However, the time required to do it right is such that I prefer to only undertake such projects under special circumstances--for example, you or a friend were at the show, the tape is uncirculated or of exceptionally low generation, etc.

I will send you a package that I would be happy to receive myself--error-free discs in individual sleeves, clearly identified with no writing on the discs themselves, packaged in a bubble mailer.  I only ask from you what you will receive from me.


Trading Only
Quick Rules

Always error-free sources
Always secure mode EAC
Always use quality media
Always burn in DAO
No MP3 sources
No writing on discs
No cases - use sleeves
Send in a bubble envelope

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Please support the artists you enjoy.  Trade fairly.  Share the music!
Last Updated: June 14, 2005