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Stevie Nicks--Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA 9/22/01--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Ozzy Osbourne--Over the Mountain--Met Center, Minneapolis 1/15/82--CD--aud--A-
Ozzy Osbourne--Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT 3/18/84--VCD--pro--A-
Ozzy Osbourne--Kansas Coliseum, Wichita 3/27/86 + B.O.C.ís 1970 debut demo--CD--A/A-
Carl Palmer--Fanfare in Camden Town--Jazz Cafe, London 10/14/01--CD--DMC aud--A-
Pearl Jam--Melkweg, Amsterdam 2/12/92--CD--pre-FM sbd--A/A-
Pearl Jam--Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA 10/19/96--CD--sbd/aud--A/A-
Pearl Jam--Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC 8/31/98--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Pearl Jam--Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 8/4/00--2CD--sbd--A
Pearl Jam--Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC 8/6/00--2CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Rough Diamonds (Blue Moon)--Sessions 1987-1991--CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Timeless Stars (Speedball)--Newcastle 4/27/89, Sound Waves EP, 5/1/89, J. Peel--CD--sbd--A/A-
Pixies--Zurich 1989--Rote Fabrik, Zurich 6/10/89--CD--sbd--A/A-
Pixies--Bone Machine (Stars and Stripes)-- Malibu Club, Lido Beach, Long Island, NY 7/31/89--CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Return of the Fat Man (Megaphone)--Farris Polytechnic, Bristol, England 5/8/89--CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL 8/10/89--CD--sbd--A/A-
Pixies--Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland 9/25/90--CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Subbacultcha (Swingin' Pig)--Leysin Rock Festival, Switzerland 7/11/91--CD--sbd--A
Pixies--Ed is Dead--Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles 12/22/91--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--Laser Villains (Royal Sound)--Hatfield Polytechnic, England 2/22/79--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--Live in Italy (Golden Stars)--Palalido, Milan 4/2/80--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--Crime Watch--Newcastle City Hall, England 4/28/80--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--Beziers, France 8/22/80--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--I'll Have You For Fucking Breakfast--Houston, Texas 3/20/82--CD--sbd--A/A-
The Police--Gateshead International Stadium, Newcastle 7/31/82--2CD--sbd--A
The Police--Many Miles Away--Le Spectrum, Montreal 2/8/83--CD--sbd--A
The Police--Tea in the Sahara--The Omni, Atlanta 11/2/83--CD--sbd--A
Elvis Presley--The Unissued Elvis 1956-1958 (Vigotone)--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Elvis Presley--Elvis Rocks Little Rock (Bilko)--Robinson Memorial, Little Rock, AR 5/16/56--CD--aud--A-/B+
Elvis Presley--Here I Go Again (DAE)--International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 8/23/69--CD--sbd--A-
Elvis Presley--Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Ft. Baxter)--International Hotel, Las Vegas 2/1/70--CD--sbd--A-
Elvis Presley--Lean, Mean, and Kickin' Butt--International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 1/28/71--CD--sbd--A-
Elvis Presley--Blazing Into Darkness (Premier)--International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 8/11/72--CD--sbd--A-
Elvis Presley--Elvis at Full Blast (Ft. Baxter)--International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 8/11/72 (late)--CD--sbd--A/A-
Elvis Presley--Las Vegas 8/20/73--CD--aud--A-
Elvis Presley--Desert Storm (Closing Night) (Fort Baxter)--Las Vegas Hilton 9/2/74--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Elvis Presley--Running For President--Charlotte Coliseum 3/20/76--CD--sbd--A
Elvis Presley--Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Roads, VA 8/1/76--CD--aud--A-
Elvis Presley--Memorial Coliseum, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 8/30/76--CD--sbd--A
Elvis Presley--Charlotte Coliseum 2/21/77--CD--sbd--A
Queen--In the Lap of the Gods--Rainbow Theatre, London 11/20/74--CD--sbd--A/A-
Queen--London 1975--Hammersmith Odeon, London 12/24/75--CD--sbd--A/A-
Queen--Live in Japan (Live Line)--Japan 10/29/82--CD--aud--A
Radiohead--The Best Thing That You Ever Had--Avalon, Boston 4/13/96 + 7/30/95--CD--sbd--A/A-
Rage Against the Machine--Justify Those That Die--Amsterdam 2/7/93--CD--sbd--A/A-
Rage Against the Machine--Revolution--Milan 2/13/93 and Reading 8/27/93--CD--sbd--A
Rage Against the Machine--Battle of Hollywood--Hollywood 11/5/99--CD--sbd--A
Rage Against the Machine--Live in Dusseldorf--Philipshalle 2/4/00--CD--sbd--A/A-
Ratt--Monsters of Rock, FCP Stadion, Pforzheim, Germany 8/30/87--CD--sbd--A-
Rolling Stones--Bring It Back Alive--Charlotte Coliseum 6/6/72 +1 from MSG 6/25/72--CD--aud--B+
Rolling Stones--Sweet Victoria (Akashic)--Kooyong Stadium, Melbourne 2/17/73--CD--aud--A-
Rolling Stones--Happy Birthday Nicky (Oh Boy)--Perth 2/24/73 and Sydney 2/26/73--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Rolling Stones--Brussels Affair--Voorst National Stadium 10/17/73--CD--sbd--A
Rolling Stones--Headiní For an Overload--Brussels 10/17/73 and London 9/9/73--2CD--sbd--A
Rolling Stones--Out on Bail--Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey 6/14/78--CD--sbd--A-
Rolling Stones--Double Door Club, Chicago 9/18/97--2CD--aud--A-
David Lee Roth--Carowinds Amusement Park, Charlotte, NC 6/20/91--CD--aud--A-
David Lee Roth--Rockyís, Charlotte, NC 7/29/94--2CD--aud--A-


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