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Led Zeppelin

4/25/69 San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
/11/71 Rochester, NY
5/27/72 Amsterdam, Holland
3/21/73 Hamburg, Germany
3/27/73 Nancy, France
6/21/77 Los Angeles, CA
7/7/80 Berlin, Germany
7/29/88 MSG, NYC
3/25/98 London, England
6/12/98 Minneapolis, MN
7/16/98 MSG, NYC
Still Flying
Rock and Roll Hall Induction

Pink Floyd

2/28/70 Leeds, England
6/5/71 Berlin, Germany
3/26/02 Osaka, Japan

Michael Hedges

3/16/85 Tarrytown, NY
2/21/87 Seattle, WA

Bologna, Italy
1/30/88 Scottsdale, AZ

Milan, Italy
10/13/95 Rochester, NY


4/17/92 London, England
6/30/97 Toronto, Canada
Mansfield, MA
7/17/02 Toronto, Canada
8/24/02 Denver, CO

Van Halen

12/31/77 Los Angeles, CA
Fresno, CA


11/12/77 Gothenburg, Sweden
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Other Artists

David Bowie
Deep Purple
Paul McCartney
Elvis Presley
Sigur Ros
Rick Wakeman
Keller Williams
Neil Young


This site came together over the weekend of November 17-18, 2001.  Previously, my list had been one long file, which simply got to be too much.  When dial-up users mentioned that the page seemed to take a while to load (only 130k!), I decided it was time to do something.  Yes, it's bland as milk, but at least the pages come up decently fast.

What you see represents version 1.0 in all of its bichromatic splendor.  I'd welcome generous input from any Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Fireworks sharpies out there who'd like to donate a bit of time and talent to spruce things up around here in exchange for some tasty discs.  Email me if you're interested in helping make this site a little less, well, spartan.


I was too young to have attended most of the concerts that I have collected, which had been a source of frustration for me in the past.  Then I began this great hobby, and have been richly rewarded by seeking out and collecting recordings of concerts performed long ago.  It's likely that if you're reading this, you've also discovered the pleasure of sharing our enjoyment of the bands we admire with music fans from all over the world.

I started collecting live and rare recordings more than 10 years ago because I felt that radio stations and record stores offered increasingly little to appeal to me.  I'd already bought all the label releases available from most of the artists I enjoyed.  What else was there, other than the occasional syndicated radio concert shows, and increasingly rare live appearances?

I found myself often wondering what my favorite songs sounded like when performed live.  I wondered how some groups might change songs as time went on, recognizing their fans' desire to hear them, but wanting to take them farther and by doing so display their own artistic vision.  The bureaucracy and legal obstacles that have slowed the output of even the most determined artists caused me to consider other avenues of obtaining the recordings I've collected.

This fantastic hobby satisfied that desire, and has afforded me countless incredible experiences of musical enjoyment that I could previously only dream about.  Raw and unadorned, with no studio gimmickry, after-the-fact overdubs or any other fig leaves, these documents tell the truth about a musical moment in time.  Thanks to modern technology, we're fortunate enough to be able to enjoy that moment again and again!

I am a friendly trader hoping to provide quality service so that we may both benefit from the enjoyment of new music.  Trading of non-commercial recordings is only intended to increase the number of new fans, and to deepen enthusiasm for our favorite musical artists.  The worldwide CDR trading hobby promotes artists' livelihoods through increased sales of commercial recordings and other licensed products.

I strongly encourage you to purchase all commercial recordings released by the artists you enjoy, and to attend live concerts whenever possible to ensure that the artists rightfully prosper from this great hobby of ours.  Usually, well-supported artists are the most likely to perform live with greater frequency, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Hoarding hurts everyone and is incredibly selfish. You know who you are!  Everything I have is on this list--I believe that something shared has an increased rather than a lesser value.  See the Golden Rule.

Pass it on!  The "work" we do passing around these recordings perpetuates the heart of the music we all love.  Making a great album is a wonderful art, and being able to faithfully reproduce that art in a live setting is a very special talent--but being able to reinvent that music night after night on stage is the TRUE measure of artistry, IMHO.  Our collections are sonic snapshots of a moment in the past that may someday be of great interest to people we'll never meet, who will be enormously thankful for our efforts.

Lastly I'd like to thank the many people who've been so kind, responsible, knowledgeable and resourceful--from all over the world!  In scores of individual trades to date with people in dozens of countries, I have never once been cheated or had a mail problem.  That's also testament to the incredible job done by the U.S. postal service.  I've been quite impressed by their swift, accurate and consistent work.  To those with whom I've traded before, I convey my best regards and hope this new edition of my list includes something of interest.  To new contacts, I hope to add you to my long list of satisfied collectors! I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you very soon.


Trading Only
Quick Rules

Always error-free sources
Always secure mode EAC
Always use quality media
Always burn in DAO
No MP3 sources
No writing on discs
No cases - use sleeves
Send in a bubble envelope

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Please support the artists you enjoy.  Trade fairly.  Share the music!
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