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Led Zeppelin

4/25/69 San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
/11/71 Rochester, NY
5/27/72 Amsterdam, Holland
3/21/73 Hamburg, Germany
3/27/73 Nancy, France
6/21/77 Los Angeles, CA
7/7/80 Berlin, Germany
7/29/88 MSG, NYC
3/25/98 London, England
6/12/98 Minneapolis, MN
7/16/98 MSG, NYC
Still Flying
Rock and Roll Hall Induction

Pink Floyd

2/28/70 Leeds, England
6/5/71 Berlin, Germany
3/26/02 Osaka, Japan

Michael Hedges

3/16/85 Tarrytown, NY
2/21/87 Seattle, WA

Bologna, Italy
1/30/88 Scottsdale, AZ

Milan, Italy
10/13/95 Rochester, NY


4/17/92 London, England
6/30/97 Toronto, Canada
Mansfield, MA
7/17/02 Toronto, Canada
8/24/02 Denver, CO

Van Halen

12/31/77 Los Angeles, CA
Fresno, CA


11/12/77 Gothenburg, Sweden
Montreal, Canada
11/16/02 Toronto, Canada

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David Bowie
Deep Purple
Paul McCartney
Elvis Presley
Sigur Ros
Rick Wakeman
Keller Williams
Neil Young


Thanks for checking out PsychoPsonic Psounds, where CDRs are traded 1:1 and nothing is ever for sale.  Be sure to be familiar with the rules before emailing me for a trade. Please be aware that I'm a new parent, and my time is very limited.  I may be unable to assist you, but I hope I've provided enough links to other resources to help you find what you're looking for.

The artists I collect are generally known for their instrumental talent and their tendency to improvise on stage.  The songs performed on these recordings are familiar to the audiences, but are frequently very different from the commercially available releases of the same songs on the original classic albums.  This provides a unique insight into the development of a band's material, and in many cases, into the members' individual personalities and their particular contributions to the group.

The purpose of this site is to promote contact with other like-minded collectors who are looking for someone to trade with who will reliably treat them right.  I conduct my trading hobby in the same way I try to live the rest of my life.  That means I do my best to treat others as I'd hope to be treated.  If that's a philosophy that you agree with, and if you are interested in trading for exciting rare and live recordings, then I hope you'll email me.

Since I have benefited from the generosity of my fellow fans and collectors, I feel it is my responsibility to pass that along to others.  This music isn't mine to keep to myself!  If you will enjoy it, then I'd like to share it with you.  I look forward to hearing from old contacts as well as prospective new ones.

Happy listening!


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Always error-free sources
Always secure mode EAC
Always use quality media
Always burn in DAO
No MP3 sources
No writing on discs
No cases - use sleeves
Send in a bubble envelope

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