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Led Zeppelin

4/25/69 San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
/11/71 Rochester, NY
5/27/72 Amsterdam, Holland
3/21/73 Hamburg, Germany
3/27/73 Nancy, France
6/21/77 Los Angeles, CA
7/7/80 Berlin, Germany
7/29/88 MSG, NYC
3/25/98 London, England
6/12/98 Minneapolis, MN
7/16/98 MSG, NYC
Still Flying
Rock and Roll Hall Induction

Pink Floyd

2/28/70 Leeds, England
6/5/71 Berlin, Germany
3/26/02 Osaka, Japan

Michael Hedges

3/16/85 Tarrytown, NY
2/21/87 Seattle, WA

Bologna, Italy
1/30/88 Scottsdale, AZ

Milan, Italy
10/13/95 Rochester, NY


4/17/92 London, England
6/30/97 Toronto, Canada
Mansfield, MA
7/17/02 Toronto, Canada
8/24/02 Denver, CO

Van Halen

12/31/77 Los Angeles, CA
Fresno, CA


11/12/77 Gothenburg, Sweden
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Other Artists

David Bowie
Deep Purple
Paul McCartney
Elvis Presley
Sigur Ros
Rick Wakeman
Keller Williams
Neil Young

Sound Grading

Dates are formatted as mm/dd/yy
“CD” equals one 74-minute CD (in most cases)
1gen=first generation--MC=master clone
DMC=DAT MC--MDMC=minidisc MC--CMC=Cassette MC

Except for items rated "A+" (included for date/place reference only and not available for trade), this list consists of amateur recordings made on whatever equipment was available at the time the performance occurred.  These ratings are subjective, and should only be used as a way of roughly comparing two similar sources--your mileage may vary.  However, the ratings should be fairly accurate.  If you feel I've made a grave error, please don't hesitate to email me, as I'm always willing to discuss the relative merits of these recordings!


For a live recording, this is the pinnacle of studio perfection.  The benchmark, after more than 10 years, is still Pink Floyd's commercial releases of P.U.L.S.E on CD, cassette, and VHS format (and soon on DVD!)  I won't trade these, but if you want a brand new copy of your own, you can get one commercially.



These are the very best recordings of illegitimate origin.  All instruments can be clearly heard, there is an absolute minimum of distortion, and the recording is free of major problems.  These are most frequently soundboard tapes, FM broadcasts, etc.



This is a thoroughly enjoyable source, but will have a few minor problems, such as slightly intrusive audience noise.  This is still a recording you could play for someone inexperienced in listening to recordings of illegitimate origin (ROIOs).  Not perfect, but very close.  These are often audience DAT clones.



A very good source, but with a few more problems.  These may include a narrower dynamic range, more intrusive audience noise, minor tape faults and microphone movements, etc.  This is clearly not commercial material, but also clearly a worthwhile recording.



These sources could possibly have some major faults.  Problems may include cut tracks, more severe tape distortion, excessive LP surface or audience noise, and other issues.  The typical vintage audience ROIO sound.  Still listenable, but will take a bit of imagination.



Major problems, but still a listenable recording for the properly motivated.  Probably to be avoided if it would be one of your first acquisitions representing the group.  Those inexperienced listening to ROIOs might not be able to tolerate one of these for very long.



Fairly dire.  Blatant occurrences of many of the problems detailed above.  Even patient listeners may soon protest.  Really only for the more hardcore collector, or for those with a personal interest in the date and place.  Anything below this rating fits that description also.



For the not only hardcore, but also masochistic collector.  Sounds like a tape made wrapped up in a winter coat under the seats in the back row.  The protests of less patient listeners could become violent.  Some sensitive individuals could consider these recordings to be an instrument of torture.



If played too loudly, the terribly bad quality of these sources could provoke a neighbor to call in a complaint to the local authorities.  We now begin wondering why this recording even survived.  Bordering on (or in fact) unlistenable.  For the most severely crazed completist.


Trading Only
Quick Rules

Always error-free sources
Always secure mode EAC
Always use quality media
Always burn in DAO
No MP3 sources
No writing on discs
No cases - use sleeves
Send in a bubble envelope

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