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New Orleans 10/1/98
The Clarksdale songs had jelled well by this point, and the sound quality is hard to argue with.

Osaka 12/8/99
Fantastic recording from close to the stage.  JPJ and his band get off, and the crowd enjoys while not significantly interfering with the recording.

Raleigh 7/4/00
I'm biased, but IMHO this is the best of the Page/Crowes shows, recorded on a nice DAT rig from the 13th row center.

Wolverhampton 12/21/00
The last Priory show, and probably one of the best.

Montreux 7/7/01
Perhaps the last appearance by Page and Plant together on stage, this tribute to Sun Records includes the only live performance of "Candy Store Rock" from the Presence album.

Beacon Theater 12/13/01
Spirited JPJ opening set for King Crimson in the Big Apple.

London 2/9/02
Great-sounding audience recording which is recommended if you'd like to sample what Plant's Strange Sensations are all about.  Boston 5/25/01 is also a fine choice.


Led Zeppelin / Related


Duo--WIC B-sides, UK & Japan TV appearances 1994-1998 with interviews--CD--sbd--A
L'evolution de Led Zeppelin Continue (Empress Valley)--Katowice, Poland 2/26/98--2CD--sbd--A
Crossroads (Jelly Roll)--Shepherds Bush Empire, London 3/25/98--2CD--sbd--A
Ooh La La (Wild Street)--La Cigale, Paris 3/30/98--2CD--sbd--A-
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 5/26/98--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Target Center, Minneapolis, MN 6/12/98--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Whoosh!--Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio 7/3/98--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Canada 7/4/98--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Great Woods, Boston 7/14/98--2CD--sbd--A
Madison Square Garden, NYC 7/16/98--2CD--3gen aud--A/A-
12th Bizarre Festival, Butzweiler Hof, Cologne, Germany 8/23/98--2CD--sbd--A
MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas 9/23/98 (Third Eye)--2CD--DMC sbd--A/A-
UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans 10/1/98--2CD--1gen sbd--A
UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans 10/1/98 (pre-FM)--2CD--sbd--A
Secret Molson Gig--University Of London Union 10/30/98--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Empire Pool, Wembley 11/5/98--2CD--DMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut 10/13/99--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Jimmy Page/Black Crowes--Greek Theatre, Los Angeles 10/18/99--CD--DMC sbd--A
Jimmy Page/Black Crowes--Greek Theatre, Los Angeles 10/19/99--2CD--DMC sbd--A
John Paul Jones--The Odeon, Cleveland 10/19/99--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Priory of Brion--Ashby Del La Zouch Folk Festival, Leicestershire 10/31/99--CD--DMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--This is What I'm Doing Now--House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV 11/1/99--2CD--DMC sbd--A
Priory of Brion--Red Lion Folk Club, Kings Heath, Birmingham 11/13/99--CD--DMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland 11/18/99--2CD--MDMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--Shepherd's Bush, London 11/22/99--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
John Paul Jones--Club Quattro, Osaka 12/8/99--2CD--DMC aud--A+/A
Priory of Brion--The Zodiac, Oxford with Tim Rose 12/18/99--2CD--DMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--House of Blues, New Orleans, LA 3/14/00--2CD--DMC sbd--A
John Paul Jones--Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA 3/20/00--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
John Paul Jones--Performance Hall, Nashville 3/21/00--2CD--DMC aud--A-/B+
John Paul Jones--Park West, Chicago 3/25/00--2CD--MDMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--The Guvernment, Toronto 4/2/00--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Priory of Brion--The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, Goucestershire 5/26/00--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Priory of Brion--The Hexagon, Reading 6/21/00--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Priory of Brion--Puistoblues, Jarvenpaa, Finland 7/1/00--CD--DMC aud--A
Jimmy Page/Black Crowes--Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh 7/4/00--2CD--DMC--A/A/A-
Jimmy Page/Black Crowes--Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh 7/4/00--2CD--MDMC--A/A-
Jimmy Page/Black Crowes--Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY 7/10/00--2VCD--sbd--A/A
Priory of Brion--The Woughton Center, Milton Keynes 10/19/00--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Priory of Brion--Wilfrun Hall, Wolverhampton 12/21/00 (last gig)--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden 4/26/01--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--Tragarden, Gothenburg, Sweden 4/27/01--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Strange Sensations--Ole Blues Festival, Bergen, Norway 5/1/01--CD--DMC sbd--A/A-
Strange Sensations--Orpheum Theater, Boston 5/25/01--2CD--DMC aud--A/A/A-
Strange Sensations--Robin Hood Foundation Benefit, Jacob Javitz Center, NYC 5/31/01--VCD--pro--A
Strange Sensations--State Theatre, Detroit 6/4/01 (6th row left)--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--State Theatre, Detroit 6/4/01 (6th row right)--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--The Riviera, Chicago 6/6/01--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Strange Sensations--Gwardia Stadium, Warsaw, Poland 6/19/01--CD--DMC sbd--A
Sun Records Tribute, Stravinski Auditorium, Montreux, Switzerland 7/7/01--CD--DMC aud--A-
Good Rockin' Tonight (Empress Valley)--Montreux, Switzerland 7/7/01--CD--aud--A/A-
Strange Sensation--Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France 8/14/01 + Stockholm 3/15/69--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
John Paul Jones--Chicago Theatre 11/24/01--CD--MDMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--Beacon Theater, NYC 12/13/01--CD--DMC aud--A-
John Paul Jones--Beacon Theater, NYC 12/14/01--CD--DMC aud--A-
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page--Royal Albert Hall 2/9/02 + video clips--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--Royal Albert Hall 2/9/02--CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Strange Sensations--Raving Mad in Milwaukee--The Rave, Milwaukee, WI 7/22/02--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-


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