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Going to Auckland
A new discovery, and the result of some challenging negotiations.  We're the winners, as this is a fantastically played show.  Who's surprised?

Charlotte 6/9/72
Funny yet unobtrusive remarks around the taper, and a very nice acoustic set.

Nutty and Cool
Underrated American '72 show, if there can be such a thing.

LA Forum 6/25/72
Unbelievable concert.  As if the '70 and '71 shows weren't enough, any doubt that the LA Forum was Zep's American headquarters is wiped away after this one.  The last disc should be playing constantly at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (alternating with the end of 9/29/71!)

Japan 1972
Good compilation from what is a regrettably spotty tour.  Nonetheless, this one contains some early versions of Houses of the Holy songs, and some nice rarities.


Led Zeppelin / Related


Voodoo Drive (Tarantura)--Memorial Drive, Adelaide 2/19/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Leo Ishac's 32-bit Master Clone--Memorial Drive, Adelaide 2/19/72--2CD--aud--A-
Kooyong Stadium, Melbourne, Australia 2/20/72--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Going to Auckland (Tarantura)--Western Springs Stadium, Auckland 2/25/72--4CD--aud--A-/B+
Toonz's Ayers Rock Tree--Sydney Showgrounds 2/27/72--2CD--DMC aud--A-/B+
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia 2/29/72--2CD--1gen aud--A-/B+
Zeppelin Digital Returns--RAI, Amsterdam, Holland 5/27/72--2CD--DMC aud--B+
Burning Ticket (Babyface)--Voorst National Stadium, Brussels 5/28/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Compositions (Tarantura)--Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 6/9/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 6/9/72--2CD--1gen aud--A-
ZD2--Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 6/11/72--3CD--DMC aud--A-
The Axeman of Cometh (Flagge)--Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 6/11/72--3CD--aud--A-
Nutty and Cool (Babyface)--Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 6/11/72--3CD--aud--A-
Sometime in New York City (Image Quality)--Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 6/14/72--3CD--aud--B-
Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 6/15/72--2CD--2gen aud--B+/B
Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 6/15/72--2CD--1gen aud--B+
Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 6/15/72--2CD--DMC aud--B+
Seattle Center Coliseum 6/18/72 (2nd source)--CD--DMC aud--A-
The Axeman of Cometh (Flagge)--Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA 6/18/72--CD--aud--A-
The Evergreen (TDOLZ)--Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA 6/19/72--3CD--aud--B+/B
Berdu (Cobla)--Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, CA 6/22/72--2CD--aud--B+
Burn That Candle--LA Forum 6/25/72 speed-corrected 2-source mix--3CD--aud--A-
LA Forum 6/25/72--3CD--2gen aud--A-
LA Forum 6/25/72 (Leo Ishac's version)--3CD--aud--A-
Wild Beach Party (Led Note)--Long Beach Civic Arena, Long Beach, CA 6/27/72--2CD--aud--B+
Japan 1972 (FBO)--Various locations, Japan 10/2-10/10/72--2CD--aud--A-/B
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 10/2/72--2CD--aud--B+
No Use Greco (Tarantura)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 10/2/72--2CD--aud--B+
Eastern Front (Great Dane)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 10/2/72--2CD--aud--B+
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 10/3/72--2CD--aud--A-
Budokon Hall, Tokyo 10/3/72--2CD--2gen aud--A-
Budokon Hall, Tokyo 10/3/72 (4th source)--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Festival Hall, Osaka 10/4/72--2CD--aud--A-
Sakura (Ocean Sound)--Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya 10/5/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
D.R.A.G.O.N. (Flagge)--Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 10/5/72--2CD--aud--A-
Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 10/5/72--2CD--2gen aud--A-
Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 10/5/72--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya 10/5/72--2CD--aud--A-
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Festival Hall, Osaka 10/9/72--2CD--aud--A-
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 10/9/72--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Mirage (Flagge)--Festival Hall, Kyoto, Japan 10/10/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Live in Japan 1972 (Last Stand)--Festival Hall, Osaka 10/10/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Nice Starter! (TDOLZ)--City Hall, Newcastle 11/30/72--2CD--aud--B+/B
Heartbeat (H-Bomb)--Royal Ballroom, Bournemouth, England 12/2/72--CD--aud--B+
Rock and Roll Magic (H-Bomb)--Royal Ballroom, Bournemouth, England 12/2/72--3CD--aud--A-/B+
Hardrock! (Sanctuary)--Hard Rock, Manchester 12/8/72--2CD--aud--B+
Hard Rock, Manchester 12/8/72 (George's source) + LZ IV Monitor Mixes (BZPC)--2CD--1gen aud--A-/B+/A/A-
Four Cards (Tarantura)--Odeon, Birmingham 12/17/72--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Strange Affinity (Electric Magic)--Birmingham 12/17/72 and Aberystwyth 1/13/73--2CD--aud--A-/B+
Riot Show (Cobla)--Alexandra Palace, London 12/22/72--2CD--aud--B+
The Titanic (Image Quality)--Alexandra Palace, London 12/23/72--3CD--aud--B+


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