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ARMS Concert
In fine sound, this is a fine document of one of the first post-Zeppelin projects, a benefit for Ronnie Lane's Multiple Sclerosis fund.  A spine-chilling instrumental Stairway to Heaven closes the show.

Other Arms and Green Eye
Two nice soundboards that do a fine job of chronicling Robert Plant's 80s solo efforts.

Together Again II
A nice summary of the early, public stages of the Page and Plant project, along with a great sampling of the legendary Bombay 1972 sessions.

The Concert From Valhalla
The maestro, Ron Del Ciello, compiled this great sampling of highlights from the 1995 and 1996 Page and Plant tours.

Ten Days
You can almost take your pick, as none of them are a losing proposition.  Osaka on 2/15 is a great one, as is 2/17 in Nagoya.


Led Zeppelin / Related


The Honeydrippers--Bradford University, Bradford, England 5/27/81--CD--aud--B+
Robert Plant--KBFH transcription, Houston/Austin/Dallas 9/20-21-22/83--CD--sbd--A
Robert Plant--Andy's Birthday Present--City Hall, Sheffield 12/1/83--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Jimmy Page/Eric Clapton/Jeff Beck--ARMS Concert (Hercules)--MSG, NYC 12/9/83--3CD--sbd--A/A-
Robert Plant--Other Arms (Midas Touch)--Newcastle, Australia (venue?) 2/8/84--2CD--sbd--A
The Skinnydrippers--Rolls Hall, Monmouth, England 1/18/85--1VCD--3gen pro--A-
Robert Plant--Green Eye (Speedball)--Wembley Stadium 9/10/85--CD--sbd--A
The Firm--LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA 5/22/86--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Robert Plant--Toronto Tondos--Maple Leaf Gardens 5/10/88--2VCD--aud--A-/B+
Robert Plant--Madison Square Garden, NYC 7/29/88--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Jimmy Page--Bustin' Strings--LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA 10/7/88--2CD--2gen aud--A-
Jimmy Page--San Diego State University Open Air Theatre, San Diego 10/8/88--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Jimmy Page--For Zeppelin Fans Only! (Beech Martin)--Hara Arena, Dayton 10/21/88--CD--sbd--A-
Robert Plant--Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA 11/30/88--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Robert Plant--Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles 11/1/90--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Coverdale/Page--Rehearsals (Gusto Productions)--1993 tour rehearsals, London--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Robert Plant--No Looking Back-1993--Montreux Jazz Festival 7/2/93--CD--sbd--A
Robert Plant--Montreux Jazz Festival 7/2/93--VCD--pro--A-
Robert Plant--Mesa Amphitheater, Mesa, Arizona 10/19/93--2CD--1gen aud--A-
Robert Plant--29 Palms and 1 Plant (Hammerjack)--Paradiso, Amsterdam 12/13/93--CD--sbd--A
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction 1/12/95 satellite broadcast + Gonzaga 12/30/68 1gen--CD--A/A-
Together Again II (Conquer)--Australian and Japanese Radio + Bombay '72--CD--sbd--A
Together Again VIII--Various live July-October 1995 + Mexico rehearsal track 9/23/95--CD--aud--A-
The Concert From Valhalla (FBO)--Compilation of 30+ dates--3CD--aud--A/A-
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 4/3/95--2CD--MDMC aud--A/A-
Are You Ready For the Night Train Vol 1 (FBO)--Boston Garden 4/10/95--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Cabala (Maggie's Birthday Party) (Apple Jams)--Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis 5/6/95--2CD--aud--A/A-
Gamble On (Ride the Tiger)--MGM Grand, Las Vegas 5/12/95--CD--aud--A- (ends of songs fade)
Presence Now 2 (Rain)--San Jose Sports Arena 5/20/95 + 5 live radio tracks--2CD--sbd--A
Gorge Amphitheater, George, Washington 5/27/95--2CD--aud--A-
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, Paris, France 6/6/95--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Whole Lotta Love (Sonic Zoom)--Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam 6/15/95--2CD--aud--A/A-
Irish Bootleg (Tarantura)--The Point, Dublin, Ireland 7/19 and 7/20/95--4CD--aud--A/A-
You Can't Sink a Rainbow--Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 10/3/95--3VCD--A-
California Poison--Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 10/3/95--2CD--sbd--A
Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 10/10/95--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Live in Buffalo--Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY 10/19/95--2CD--aud--A/A-
Are You Ready For the Night Train Vol 2 (FBO)--Hartford Civic Center 10/21/95--2CD--DMC aud--A-
Are You Ready For the Night Train Vol 3 (FBO)--Fleet Center, Boston 10/23/95--2CD--MC aud--A-
Together Again VI--Madison Square Garden, NYC 10/27/95--2CD--aud--A-
Goin' South (Together Again VII)--Apoteose Square, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1/27/96--2CD--sbd--A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/5/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/6/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/8/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/9/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/12/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/13/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Can't Wait For the Bootleg (Massive Attack Discs)--Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2/13/96--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Castle Hall, Osaka 2/15/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Osaka Skies (Tie Dye)--Castle Hall, Osaka 2/15/96--2CD--sbd--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Century Hall, Nagoya 2/17/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Shachihoko Breaker (Akashic)--Century Hall, Nagoya 2/17/96--2CD--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Castle Hall, Osaka 2/19/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Ten Days (Hoochie Coochie)--Marine Messe, Fukuoka 2/20/96--2CD--aud--A/A-
Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia 2/24/96--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Melbourne First Night--Flinders Park, Melbourne, Australia 2/29/96--2CD--DMC aud--A/A-
Night Flight of the Swan (Two Symbols)--Flinders Park, Melbourne, Australia 3/1/96--2CD--aud--A-


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