The Levee - A Musical Salute to Led Zeppelin
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12/20/03 Ruckus Pizza, Raleigh, NC

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To book The Levee, call us at 919-957-1329, 919-942-3449, or write us an e-mail.

The best-selling live Led Zeppelin DVD and CD releases have energized The Levee, and we're ready to put on some fantastic shows.  We've learned a lot of great new songs, and we hope you can join us soon to hear the results of all the fun we've been having.  

Keep an eye on our site as we announce new developments and additional live appearances in 2003 and into 2004.

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Black Dog                       Led Zeppelin IV

Leading off the fourth album, "Black Dog" was named after an old Labrador that was hanging around the studios at Headley Grange when the track was recorded.  Based on a John Paul Jones bass riff that first coalesced during rehearsals at Headley Grange in late 1970, "Black Dog" is one of the heaviest Zeppelin numbers of them all.  Full of tricky time signatures and unpredictable stops and starts, the song debuted in 1971 and was a standard in the beginning of the set from then until 1975, when it was inserted into "Whole Lotta Love" as part of the encore.  It appeared in several 1977 encores and was featured in all the 1979 and 1980 concerts, when it was played again during the early part of the set.

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The famous Jimmy Page Gibson doubleneck
About Us

The Levee is a Led Zeppelin tribute band from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
With the help of a collection of hundreds of hours of Led Zeppelin concert recordings, we concentrate on reproducing the live experience of Led Zeppelin.  We think that Led Zeppelin's stage performances come closer to capturing their essence.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our site, and that you will come back often to keep up with our continuing evolution.
Led Zeppelin forever!

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